Exploring LED Ceiling Lights

We are currently in the planning phase for a building a new house. Among the many decisions is the main lighting in the rooms. Well – regular light bulbs are not available any more – so what else is there? What about LEDs mounted to the ceiling?

On ebay I found various LED spots that looked very similar – at a price of 2-4 Euro / piece, including a 230V converter. These are the ones I got:


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ADAT Audio Mixer

I have some Genelec 8020A studio monitors in my living room. Basically, they are nice looking high-end active speakers with balanced inputs. But how do you switch inputs? control the volume? (without spending a fortune on a professional monitor controller) Well – time to build an audio crossbar/mixer volume control!

Goals: Use multiple sources, support more than 2 speakers, build a flexible but small solution

IMG_9068 IMG_9067

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DIY Mirror Lights

We have a large mirror in our corridor – but even with the ceiling lights on, is was a little too dark for my wife’s makeup. I could not find a satisfying fixture and started to design and build my own. Goals: It needed to be bright and have a reasonably good CRI.

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